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ISMC mod: Enemy bots and friendly bots use ISMC weapons

2022.01.18 10:05 SnooGoats5152 ISMC mod: Enemy bots and friendly bots use ISMC weapons

Hello, I have a question regarding the ISMC mod. Is there a way to make the enemy bots and friendly bots use weapons from the ISMC mod pack? I primarily play offline mode. Thank you!
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2022.01.18 10:05 ParkouringZombie Cinder is Loved

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2022.01.18 10:05 AlastorDoesntFuck_1 Imo, the thought of oral is better than the thought of actual fucking

Like, get a pretty person to do that shit
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2022.01.18 10:05 rica20 Agent Lisa

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2022.01.18 10:05 ShittuOlumide Join us for the AMA tomorrow with PolygonApes

Join us for the AMA tomorrow with PolygonApes
When: 19th Jan, 1 PM UTC Where: @Dfyn_HQ Reward: 4 best question during Live AMA will win Polygon Apes NFT Tom Moradi, CEO & Lead of Marketing, PolygonApes will be there to answer your questions
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2022.01.18 10:05 ROMA_10 Leicester - Spurs rescheduled for Jan 19

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2022.01.18 10:05 lss_bvt_and_10 LssTest-TextPost-5641

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2022.01.18 10:05 Alternative-Range-84 My brain works after fight is over.

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2022.01.18 10:05 Exlixis23 Christian Bale is arguably (imo) the best Batman. Which actor do you believe perfectly portrayed a fictional character?

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2022.01.18 10:05 halinspecscart Which glasses serve both the needs of bold and quirky?

Which glasses serve both the needs of bold and quirky?
Some of us own a couple of glasses to choose from in our wardrobe and all must be the latest in style. And many of us are the users of one pair of glasses till the next time they get their glasses changed. One of my friends owns 11 pairs of glasses, and she is already looking for the 12th pair.
She is more into rectangular glasses, but this time she would like to try out something different and playful. As she joins the new organisation from next week, she wants a pair of glasses that leaves a lasting impact at the very first meeting, and I suggested her to go with the cat-eye glasses.
Cat-eye glasses
Most of you would agree with me that cat-eye glasses have this thing of boosting your personality as soon as you wear them. The size, colour, or shape of the glasses doesn't matter, and the same goes with the person as well; these glasses have the ability to look perfect on every and suit every occasion.
Cat-eye prescription glasses are a perfect option for you to get a bold look for the official use with a pinch of playfulness, making it the perfect match.
Fashion is genderless
Fashion has critically broken all the gender norms, but we do agree that we still need to go a long way. Ideally, cat-eye glasses are associated with women, but this has been changing slowly, and you can actually see men wearing cat-eye and looking absolutely stunning.
The same was in the case of aviator glasses as these glasses were long associated with men’s glasses, and now most women are donning these glasses while adding astonishing style to their whole personality.
It might be your calling to get yourself the style breaker cat-eye glasses.
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2022.01.18 10:05 floofyboop1 beans!

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2022.01.18 10:05 Reliculus Here is a Thumbs Up To Keep You Going!

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2022.01.18 10:05 Repulsive_Wing5160 I just got accepted into class of 2026 as an international student and got the deans global scholar but my family are making fun of me of the fact that I didn't get a full tuition.

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2022.01.18 10:05 Chemical-Tap-9760 ITAP of a cavern in PA.

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2022.01.18 10:05 SwiftHound Beat of time

Time, a force of nature unseen by most, but felt by all things. The heartbeat of reality that flows like blood, blowing life into all things that need it. Time is neither ally nor enemy, as you can only hate the very essence that gives life only so much. The cores of planet’s cool and solidify, stars wither out and die, even the universe itself shimmers a little dimmer than it used to. Time is a river that destroys almost all it touches, eventually at least. Even those thinking about having beaten time always jump in after some millennia as their lives hold nothing but the deaths of those they held dear. No one escapes time, as long as it flows like the blood of the universe, no one is free from it. Only gravity causes time to become wary and distant. The stronger the pull of gravity on the fabric of space, the less time dares to flow through.
In the centers of the darkest pits of this universe, in wells of gravity so deep that not even light can be seen inside it, there lies matter unknown to life. The very gravity that binds planets, suns, and galaxies together is twisted and transformed into a force with no equal. Even the river of time avoids them, fearing that even it could not escape their grasp if it tried to affect what is inside. Nothing has ever returned from them, not a single soul or beam of light. Time tries as hard as it can to claw away at their gravity, only to get specks of matter so miniscule that only time itself has enough time to untangle it all.
As unnatural as the existence of these blackened pits is the unnerving interest the humans have towards them. They study, they imagine, they try to understand what sick god would have created a universe with such laws to allow their monstrous existence. I fear their bravery and bravado, strolling towards the things that even time shies away from. They have made plans to momentarily counteract the gravity of one of the pits, to bring whatever horrors lie within them to witness light and the scrying eyes of humanity. Even as they are warned and threatened, they march on towards discovery and destruction. The eyes of galaxies begin to witness and fear humanity, for nothing can stop them from playing with the fabric of the universe and the laws that inhabit it.
With giant machinery powered by the suns themselves they begin to unravel the gravity that light cannot escape from. Each passing moment their creation spins a little faster as the black edges of the singularity’s hold on space loosens and becomes weak. It tries to strike back at it’s assailants but to no avail, even as it screams out in radiation and light the humans press on, pushing their machinery and the suns evermore. They laugh at the dying screeches of the singularity as the well of gravity slowly but surely begins to be filled by the might of the machine. The creation nor creators care naught for natural order broken by them, only pressing on with vigor and maddened joy. Their machine engulfed in the light of hundreds of suns turns faster with each moment, pulling at the seams of gravity.
The well is no more, the seams of gravity broken and the strings held tightly by the horrid monster in humanity’s madness. The singularity screams no more as its very lifeblood begins to leak out into space. Matter so alien that none have ever known of its existence before this moment. They laugh and celebrate, scream and cheer at the uncovered core of gravity’s monsters. The singularity begins it’s scream again, not of fear but of hate, hate of being broken and hurt. The seams of gravity begin to slip from the machine’s control as the singularity begins blackening once more, tired of being seen and only seeking to once more close its doors from the eyes of humanity. The machine loses more ground every moment as its metals shatter and the gases inside break free. The machine begins to lose faster and faster before being consumed by the darkness.
Gravity strikes back and a supernova of black and cold envelops the humans studying it. Ironically, the river of time fails to react to the change and loses parts of itself in the growing dark. It begins to run away like a scared animal, away from the darkness, away from gravity. Its absence begins to be noticed as time becomes faint and unstable for some galaxies, and stronger and fiercer in some. As time begins to steer clear of gravity more and more, suns begin to glow dimmer as time no longer flows through them to fuel their furnaces. Civilisations crumble as their suns grow too cold for the existence of life. The heartbeat of the universe slows. Humanity, now on its knees and muttering their excuses and apologies, begins to once more play gods. They reach deeper into the fabric of space than ever before and find time itself nestled in pools between stars.
Humanity takes the remaining pools of time that linger in the universe and steal any that was left for anyone else. None can do anything as time itself becomes a resource for trade and hoarding. The humans in their greed and blindness hoard the most, even igniting their own galaxy to burn again with their stolen good. Those without it simply cease to continue, blinking out of existence one by one as time grows dry.. The once vibrant universe filled with the light and life of trillions of suns now only glows like a candle in the night. The hopes of people die down with the suns before freezing away into nothingness. Their own sun blinking from existence and their home with it was what caused humanity to once again brave meddling with the fabric of the universe like seamstresses.
They begin to use all they have to build their machine back stronger, they reignite thousands of suns from the brink of death, spilling the precious time they still possess in the process, wasting millennia worth onto their last hope. Their machine begins the cursed ritual once more, glowing brighter and nearly cracking space itself around it as the singularity is once more rudely awakened and dragged out of its slumber. Its screams are louder this time, it fights back harder, but even scratched and bludgeoned, humanity continues. There is nothing left to lose, lives may be lost but there is no one left that cares, too much has faded from this universe to simply stop at the expense of mortal souls. They throw the singularity out of the shadows for all to see once more, caring not for its screams of pain and suffering. It cannot break free this time, the humans made sure of that. Now held by thousands of suns instead of hundreds, the singularity grows weak and begins to bleed once again. The humans stab at its heart and hope lights upon their faces. Time.
The stolen time taken by the darkness seeps out and spreads amongst the stars, looking for itself, and upon finding none, calls out. Time washes over the universe as it seeks to reunite with itself. It once again flows unimpeded through the stars, igniting the universe and its inhabitants. The humans now in control throw the black hole back into it’s darkness, holding it’s anger still and closing the door behind them. They let their machine be dragged back into the void where it will become nothingness, just as it should never have existed.
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2022.01.18 10:05 ChocolateCreamCoffee Best place for waffles in the city?

I don’t have a waffle maker, so where can I find waffles? Not eggos
Anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn or Queens?
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2022.01.18 10:05 jules039 My sleepy boy

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2022.01.18 10:05 FoundationOk7871 H: Tse250 fixer -tse90 rail way - q50c15rl radium rifle - tse25 lmg W: rare apparel mainly looking for urban or but will take other offers

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2022.01.18 10:05 musicbot450 I have a working phone number that I use every day. Why is it not working for twitch?

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2022.01.18 10:05 sammythedoge cookie run guild - i’m looking for members ! <3

after leaving my previous guild, Lovely Peaches, i’m starting my own! at the moments the requirements are 300,000+ arena power and i’m not sure how to change it
if you’d like to join please let me know or send a request! it’s called apollossworldd :)
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2022.01.18 10:05 Louis_R27 Solo Hybrid Briefcase review

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2022.01.18 10:05 MASK1009 How to farm the em? I have em 6 and I am in tour 8. Not just the em how to farm in general

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2022.01.18 10:05 Opoyiss Tech Mahindra, HFCL and other stocks that moved most on January 17

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2022.01.18 10:05 fpsmozz Loading bug

After game ends loading screen freezes up randomly forcing a hard reset
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2022.01.18 10:05 Sloofin Hope for non US apes transferring to CS

After reading constant nightmares for us non-US apes trying to transfer from our brokers to Computershare, I resisted for way too long. Eventually bit the bullet after more eToro fuckery (new stop losses added to my shares without my knowledge or permission, evasion and lame excuses when interrogated).
So the whole thing took 13 days from start to finish. I couldn't believe it. eToro Money sent to IBKR, bought the shares there which took 4 days waiting for funds to clear and turning into dollars, then 5 days for them to transfer it to CS.
Once CS had them I phoned the UK number. They were amazingly helpful and knowledgable, I didn't have to explain a thing (thanks Stephany), she sent the letter out from the UK...two days later I had the letter, phoned them back and payed $30 for the email. Again, two days later email was there, and CS was all set up and ready to go.
I know this isn't the usual narrative for CS transfers, but they seem to be streamlining things as my experience was easy and quick. Wanted to share in case anyone else was holding off or procrastinating like I did - it's much quicker and easier (in my experience) than I'd been led to believe.
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