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I signed up for the lenovo stadia promo but I already did it so can't use code so if any one wants one here you go .... 41X1TGSNPVY726JA
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2021.12.07 06:40 mollymollybaby 25 [M4F] Birthday Dinner

Hi! Just wanted to ask if you’re interested to hangout with me tomorrow? Since it’s my day tomorrow, Treat ko! I’ll probably be in Podium, Shang, or Mega. Sguro around afternoon til closing.
Don’t want to discuss too much details here. If you’re interested just HMU.
Thank you!
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2021.12.07 06:40 Maleegee [BATTLE] Italian Wars, Lombard Campaign Season of 1504

The Swiss do a little bit of Trolling March 1504 From the Trentino to the Matterhorn, the Swiss are doing a little bit of trolling. Reports pour in to the Venetians, the Austrians, and the French, that Swiss soldiers are looting, pillaging, and harassing any village or army they can get their hands on. Where these men are coming from and what their objective is, is a mystery. But they are numerous, and they are stealing cattle, and shaking spears at anyone who looks like they might be a Landsknecht.
The Po Gambit March 1504 While the Austrians were assembling ships at Piacenza, they were approached by French scouts. Attempting to raid and harry the Austrians, they took note of the Austrians assembled at Cremona. They were not, however, able to notice the Austrian ferry fleet, as the Austrian cavalry was able to chase them away. A large Austrian presence in Cremona, however, was relayed back to the French Army. The Austrians crossed the Po river, after chasing away the French scouts. Crossing in good order, they hastily made for Piacenza.
Approaching Piacenza, the Austrians found that the fortifications of the town were easily taken out with some cannon fire. The city did not surrender to the Imperial Army immediately, as they were not convinced that the entire Imperial Army was, in fact, present. They found it hard to believe that Maximilian would abandon Lombardy and march south of the Po. Nevertheless, Maximilian was here, and his guns were in the process of battering down Piacenza’s walls.
The Piacenza Incident April 1504 While the Austrians were putting Piacenza to siege, the Austrians were startled to find an army in their rear, rapidly approaching the city. Making out the banner of Siena, Maximilian was incensed to find that a principality that had recently openly renounced imperial membership, was now approaching him. As soon as the Sienese appeared, however, they disappeared. Austrian scouts were not able to find the Sienese. They must have turned around, and fled at full speed. The world wonders where this army was headed, and for what purpose.
The French in Piacenza soon surrendered, and rafts, ferries, and boats were assembled, to bring the Austrians across.
The Austrians, crossing the Po at Piacenza, found the territory between the Adda and Mincio devoid of French forces. Approaching the city of Lodi, they were able to take the city by surprise - and a welcome one too, when they saw Ludovico leading the army. After Lodi, the Imperial Army marched on Milan itself - intent to recreate the success in Lodi, in Milan.
Where are the French? March-May 1504 The French Army, while the Austrians were preparing in Cremona, were preparing to cross into Venetian Lombardy. After crossing the Adda, the French then descended on Bergamo, only to find the city empty of Austrians. Sending scouts to scour Venetian Lombardy, they eventually discovered that their scouts had found the Austrians at Cremona - exactly where the French wanted them. Marching south to Cremona, they found the city, again, devoid of Austrians. Where were the Austrians? Leaving behind small garrisons in Venetian Lombardy should the Austrians be discovered, the French searched far and wide for their enemy. Then, reports started coming in from Lodi.
The Austrians had taken Piacenza, and were marching on Lodi. As the French rallied, and prepared to march on Lodi, they received word that Lodi had fallen, and the Austrians were marching on Milan. Racing north, the French crossed the Adda at Cassano d’Adda, hoping to engage the Austrians before they could reach Milan.
Ludovico’s Return May 1504 Ludovico approached Milan at the head of the Imperial Army, and found that the city was extremely willing to throw open the gates and let the man enter. The city hailed the return of the Duke of Milan. The garrison the French left to defend the city refused to take up arms against the man who was so loved in Milan, and simply melted away into the night, lest they be mobbed as traitors.
The celebration in Milan was short-lived, however, as reports came in that the French Army had reappeared near Monza. The Austrian Army marched forward to meet the French, at a small farming commune by the name of Gorlami.
Battle of Gorla May 1504 The French army was roughly 37,000 strong, but when the army woke the day before the battle, they found that many of the Milanese forces had defected in the night. It was heard that Ludovico Sforza was back in Milan, and many Milanese decided that they did not wish to fight to depose him once more. Melting throughout the night, the French Army numbered some 35,000 men by the beginning of the battle. Even still, they outnumbered the Austrians opposing them, who only numbered about 27,000. The Austrians had the advantage with artillery, however, as well as infantry and muskets & crossbows. The French, of course, were overwhelming with their advantage in cavalry.
The battle started much like the battle the previous year at Magenta, with the French advancing. Their forces were arrayed in typical fashion, with their main force arranged into 3 formations, staggered so that the rightmost block is ahead of the center block, and the center ahead of the leftmost block. These blocks are composed of a mixture of cavalry, infantry, and ranged units. Behind them is the artillery, located in the middle. As the French are advancing, however, the artillery is limbered until it can be brought into position. On either side of the artillery are lancers, held in reserve.
Opposing the French, the Imperial army is arranged in very much a similar fashion, but with a crucial difference - their cavalry are on their own, split into two units, on the flanks.
The French advance under a hail of Austrian gunfire. Much improved from Magenta, the Austrians have made a large improvement by bringing far more guns. As the French advance, their lines are broken and battered by the Austrian guns. Nevertheless, the French light cavalry form up, ready to harass the Austrian infantry, and attempt to bait them into attacking the French lines, while their own artillery is set up.
Approaching the Austrian lines, the light cavalry exchanged shots with the infantry. They are able to cause some chaos within the Austrian line, but by the second French volley, the Austrians retaliate with enough force to make the French realize that this will do nothing but cause casualties. The French cavalry withdrew, and prepared to join the main force in the advance. All the while, the Austrian guns continued to pound the French lines. The French artillery was finally ready to fire as their cavalry formed up on the flanks, and their infantry were ready to make the final charge into Austrian lines. With an exchange of cannon-fire, the French advanced. The French found themselves outmatched on the flanks against the hardened and prepared Landsknecht, who made mincemeat of the flanks, composed mainly of Gascons, Frenchmen, and Italians. It was the center where the French fared the best - the center was made up of mainly Swiss and Scots, who eagerly cut into the Landsknecht.
The French cavalry then advanced on the flanks, looking to sink their lances into the juicy sides of the Austrian pike squares. The Austrian cavalry is able to ride out and intercept them - not so much in a fair fight, but in a noble sacrifice - throwing their lives away in order to delay the French cavalry. Tangled in this mess, the French are not able to bring their lances into the sides of the Austrians.
Push of pike ensues, with both sides going back and forth while the French cavalry mop up the Austrian cavalry. Eventually, the cavalry on the French left are able to shake free the Austrian cavalry, all of whom are either killed or chased away. The charge en haie ensued, in which the French cavalry attack in rapid succession, rank after rank, in order to hopefully overwhelm the enemy with successive lance impacts. Meeting a rain of withering gunfire, the lances of the French are blunted by the Austrians, who are able to withstand the charge.
After a great deal of time, the French cavalry on the right were able to also charge, and came crashing into the side of the Austrians. The Austrians, however, are able to surround many of the cavalry on this flank, and drag them off of their horses to face death in the mud of the battlefield.
The Austrian reserves then came into action, rushing forward and chasing away some of the French cavalry, and trapping and killing others. Forming wings on either side of the Austrian lines, these reinforcements threatened to wrap around the French army on both sides, and cut their infantry to pieces. French lancers, held in reserve, were deployed to shatter these wings, and encircle the Austrian army.
On the left, the French lancers were completely repulsed by the Austrian wing, who inflicted extremely heavy casualties on the lancers. On the right, the French lancers under the Seigneur de Bayard were able to punch a hole in the Austrian wing, but found themselves bogged down in the Austrian rear, as pikes were rearranged to deal with the threat. The rest of the French cavalry rallied to assist both flanks in punching a hole in the line, and exploiting a gap in the line respectively, but in both instances, this resulted in more French cavalry being trapped, hauled off their horses, and killed. Even the Chevalier de Bayard was not immune to this, as he was hauled off his horse, and brutally mauled by landsknecht.
Following the failed French cavalry charges, the Austrian infantry surged forward, with muskets crackling threateningly against the rallying cavalry. Rather than throwing away even more lives in this costly attack, de la Tremoille ordered the withdrawal. Bayard’s company stayed behind, forming a vanguard, until their noble leader could be recovered. The landsknecht opposing them were not able to break Bayard’s company until they showed the French that Bayard had been captured alive - wounded, but alive. With that, Bayard’s company broke, and joined the French in the withdrawal.
Among the dead, many of the Ferrarese cavalry were discovered with the colours of the Duke of Valentinois - most curious.
The Empire takes the field of battle! A.E.I.O.U Aftermath June-September 1504 The French withdrew to the north and west, and eventually reached the Ticino at Novara, where they crossed without incident. Splitting the army into 3 groups, the French raced to Pavia, as well as Vigevano, in order to stop the Austrians from exploiting their victory.
The French were able to reach Pavia before it was surrounded, and held the city until the end of the year under siege conditions. The bridge across the Ticino acts as a lifeline to the city, preventing the Austrians from truly putting the formidable fortress to siege.
The Austrians spent the rest of the year marching around Lombardy, chasing pesky Swiss out of the mountains, and securing Lombardy. A small campaign was waged in the west, as the Austrians chased a group of French garrisons out of Venetian Lombardy. As the French crossed the Mincio, the Austrians held all of the territory between the Mincio and Ticino, save for Pavia itself. They also enjoyed some territories south of the Po River, in Piacenza.
For the rest of the campaign season, the French licked their wounds and skirmished with the Austrians around Pavia, but there were no further decisive battles.

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2021.12.07 06:40 No-Set-5976 What's everyone's opinion on Jordan Oakley shitting on fitness influences including our delt god?

https://youtu.be/nmAEju44wmw https://youtu.be/rY4R358pVao
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2021.12.07 06:40 No_Pineapple630 What to print (except minis)?

I print a lot of miniatures with my Mars 2 but I think I´ll have enough of them soon. So what are you guys printing except from minis on your resin printers?
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2021.12.07 06:40 AnimeIsEmotion Implicit memory is unconscious but can we remember it consciously???

For example :- I have enjoyed a tv show and gave it 10/10 enjoyment. So my question is when I remember the tv show my enjoyment memories regarding this automatically came. But can we remember this memories Consciously??? Pls tell the psychology behind this 🙏
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2021.12.07 06:40 A_Carmine Is my hair really wavy?

I am really new here - a week ago I decided to try cgm and was shocked about result. Then I decided to treat my hair as wavy and stop blow drying it straight and using flat iron every day. Now I am not sure anymore - I have some beautiful waves at front, but almost nothing at back. I guess my question is - can I do something to make it wavier at back as well? Otherwise I don't know if I am ready to spend much more time with my hair routine if I don't even get decent waves.
My routine now - I still wash with a regular shampoo and I use regular conditioner, but I squish to condish. Then I put Aveda be curly enhancer in wet hair (the only product I have bought at the moment because of good reviews) and scrunch it. Then I plop my hair in t-shirt for ~30 min and blow dry with diffuser upside down.
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So basically during clan Boss fights. When the damage that fahrakin spreads on your team will Toragi's passive be able to proc and put a poison on the clan boss from it?
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Does anyone know where to buy Air Jordan 1 here on the island?
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