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Anyone ever notice this before?

2021.10.26 14:14 Gunslinger_jr Anyone ever notice this before?

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2021.10.26 14:14 vastman11 My first ever experience, any similar ones to this?

I woke up around 9 am and remembered everything I heard about peoples astral projections and how to do it and they said the easiest state to get into it is right when you’re in Rapid Eye Movement and if you wake up after a good sleep and then go back to sleep telling yourself a simple phrase such as “I will go to sleep and my mind will stay awake” you will be more likely to get into an out of body state. I did this and had an alarm set for 50 minutes later and in that time I had what felt like an incredibly long dream where I was in my own backyard with what I believe was my dad, my friend's dad, and my girlfriend, the middle of this section of the dream is a little foggy but near the end, I remember running around the yard throwing a ball of sorts in a toy like a thing on the grass between my house and garage. After that dream, I seemed to be inside my house and upstairs right above the stairs where I was right next to our PA system that allows you to communicate with others throughout our house. There was music playing through it which I knew was not normal and I started to record it with my phone since it was clearly abnormal and I was freaked out, and as soon as I recorded it the volume shot up and I got incredibly scared and at that moment in my dream I knew it was some paranormal stuff possibly a ghost doing this, and I was full of fear when I remembered from videos I’ve seen about astral projecting, that when you are faced with entities like this you cannot be scared, and when I did that I then in an instant became self-aware that I was in a dream and the walk from the stairs to my bedroom suddenly became a long staircase that I walked up, then suddenly I recall being near my body sleeping then I did the rope technique to do the out of body experience. The setting was completely pitch dark and from what I remember from being in the pitch-dark environment was that there was almost like an outline of my body in a subtle white glow outline. I did the pull the rope technique where you imagine yourself pulling a rope which in turn pulls you out of your body, and LITERALLY, instantly I felt myself getting forced out of my body, I could feel the force pushing my conscious which was just my body except ghost-like being pushed out and I was freaked out as most people would be. At that point, I started saying to myself “wake up, wake up” trying to get myself to wake up in real life, and although not being instant like it would normally be in my dreams, it happened, and here I am.
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2021.10.26 14:14 ReplyAccurate PROG 😂😂😂 Hedgie is fuk

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2021.10.26 14:14 Mhugh003 [Contamination] Is it normal to have large "chunks" in your LC?

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2021.10.26 14:14 MartinTsankov A bulgarian singer born in the late 1940s

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2021.10.26 14:14 Jesperwr Is it really impossible to talk with a Druze-person (in Jordan)?

Hi everybody
So I am moving to Amman, Jordan as an exchange student from Denmark in order to improve my Arabic and do a field report.
I have been intrigued by the faith and Druze-people for quite a while and thought it would be a great opportunity for myself to learn more about the faith, culture and tradition meanwhile I fulfil my 'scholarly obligations' that my university has assigned me - And hopefully, for the people I interview, to get a new friend and maybe learn something new about where I am from (If they want to).
So my immediate topic, if you may, would be through interviews and observations to find out how/if the Druzi identity of young Druze-people changes in this globalizing world, and if so, how it changes.
My professor's feedback to this is that it might be incredibly difficult to interview or 'get close with a Druze person as "their theology is after all secret" (his words, not mine).
So the million-dollar question is; do you think my professor is correct in saying that it might be difficult (read: impossible) to find someone willing to be interviewed and hang out with for a while. (It's not like a journalistic interview, but kind of just hanging out a few times over the course of some weeks)
Furthermore, the report will not be publicised but is only for internal review at my university in Denmark.
Thanks for reading my post - looking forward to you guys' replies :)
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2021.10.26 14:14 SunnyMujina my meh drawing of gaolang.

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2021.10.26 14:14 latorn Thoughts on EGLX

Been in on this stock for years, back when it was in the loonie range, but didn't put some serious YOLO money towards it until the last few months. It's hitting some real lows recently, and down on YTD. But it's also drawing some attention with more than 4x volume today, and a single entity purchasing around $3 million worth of shares not long ago.
Price targets are up there at $9 while we currently sit around $3.70, is it time to double down on this stock before earnings on Nov. 10th?
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2021.10.26 14:14 goodquestiion Test test

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2021.10.26 14:14 isotaco [Marketing] PAID research interview - Coffee at work (American office workers that drink and/or serve coffee to clients)

This a PAID research study ($50) by a European coffee brand to deepen understanding of the coffee drinking experience in American workplaces. In order to qualify, you must work from a company office space at least 1 or more days a week and drink coffee provided by the employer. The interviews last 45 minutes and are conducted over a recorded Zoom call. Slots are available on the mornings of October 27th and 28th. We are especially interested in hearing from employees in the tech sector, agencies, consultancies, banking, and luxury retail - but all are encouraged to apply! Please follow the link to the short screener survey: https://forms.gle/vpCaXgZtC6whGMyT6
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2021.10.26 14:14 Wooden_Usual_8247 My 1.3 years progress on gestures. Still have a long way to go!

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2021.10.26 14:14 Opening_Gazelle He COuNTerpiCKeD mE

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2021.10.26 14:14 SpartyEngineer16 [PS4][PS5][M22] Selling coins for $6/100k. Hundreds of excellent reviews! [Elite seller]

Cash App 🇺🇸 or PayPal 🌍.
📍Elite seller📍 on MCS.
🥇Gold Seller🥇 on nba2kmtselling.
MCS Rep (Newest)
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2021.10.26 14:14 treniota Blackwork Florals by @vlada.2wnt2

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2021.10.26 14:14 crashdaddy Wouldn't she look hot in a scarf!

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2021.10.26 14:14 TooMuchOrca [WTS] 12.5” Hodge-barreled Noveske stripped upper, $900 (MD)

With the addition of an 11.5”, as well as a GL/SSC upper, this upper sadly sees no use and is better off with a more loving household. All parts were bought new and assembled by me.
Barrel nut was torqued to 30/40/50ft-lbs to mate the threads with copper-based anti-seize, retorqued to 45ft-lbs and tightened to align the handguard screws. Handguard was installed with the anti-rotation pin, screws torqued to 35in-lbs with medium/blue loctite, and installed with a roughly 0.020” gap.
Barrel was single-dimpled by me for the gas block, gas block screws installed without any thread locker, flash hider installed with a crush washer (torqued more than 180 but less than 420 degrees) and rocksett.
Price is $900 (shipped/insured) PP FF or Venmo, buyer adds G&S fee flair provided.
Parts breakdown:

Pictures album 1
Pictures album 2
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2021.10.26 14:14 kimme Nødvendig tillatelse for elektriske ferger

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2021.10.26 14:14 HeartEmotional660 Nice op special pack from dotd

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2021.10.26 14:14 theres_no_name parsec (remote desktop) su rete infostrada

buongiorno bella gente di italyinformatica
come da titolo sto provando a usare parsec così da poter utilizzare il pc da remoto, quando collego entrambi i pc alla stessa rete parsec funziona tramite lan e non ci sono problemi, tuttavia quando sposto uno dei due su un altra rete (ho testato sia hotspot da telefono che rete dell' università) mi da errore di connessione (6023 non riesce a fare la connessione peer to peer)
ho seguito la guida che offre parsec qui e effettuato il port fowarding ma niente, mi chiedevo se qualcuno avesse avuto lo stesso problema e se si come lo ha risolto
grazie a tutti :D
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2021.10.26 14:14 TrentRamseyer Hello Everyone, My Oowie Collection is up to #8 in the series! Enjoy !

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2021.10.26 14:14 sir-veloso Happy 17th birthday San Andreas!

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2021.10.26 14:14 Tharakan922 03 Best Luxury Contemporary Villas You Must See

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2021.10.26 14:14 Wizard-of-OH To the gamers who played or are playing MD, does everyone know about Miller’s personal life? The one he won’t mention or talk to any one at TF29 about?

So for the people who are thorough enough to talk to the NPC’s in TF29, there are quite a few times where ppl mention Miller not being one to open up about his personal life (and, on a side note, does everyone know that ALL NPC’s in MD have at least two lines of “random” dialogue? If U have Jensen talk to them when prompted, usually they’ll say SOMETHING, whatever it is, and then if u interact with them a second time they’ll usually elaborate on whatever their FIRST comment was. However after inteacting with them the second time, they will USUALLY just repeat what ever their SECOND line of dialogue was while never repeating the first).

 But, back to the NPC’s at TF29. If u interact with enough of them you will find a few ppl who say Miller is very private about his personal life and never talks to anyone about it. It’s because he’s gay, he JUST went through a divorce with his husband, and they’re fighting over custody for their two kids (AND Miller was the MAN in the relationship. His kids have HIS last name, not the wife’s, or in this case, not the beta husbands. And for those of u who are gonna say “well the kids may not be the ex husbands and that they may be from a PREVIOUS relationship Miller had with a potential past wife we don’t know about”- that doesn’t add up because Miller would be fighting for custody with the EX WIFE and NOT the ex HUSBAND. So the kids ARE Miller’s and the ex HUSBAND’S kids and they have MILLER’S last name, so Miller was the MAN and wore the pants in the relationship) (OH! On a side note again, this is NOT a dig, nor a crack at gay ppl, I am NOT catching rec at ANYONE’S expense here, sincerely, whatever ppl do BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is THIER BUSINESS… I don’t care! This just happens to bean interesting detail in the game that is hidden in plain sight and it just so happens to be about a GAY character IN THE GAME!). 
SO! When u go to Miller’s apartment, you can find the divorce and petition for custody legal paperwork on the table next to a glass and bottle of wine, in the open room in-between the stairs and the tv area on the lower level of the apartment. Also on the upper level you can find pictures of Miller, his ex husband and their children on the wall behind the pool table to the left going towards , but just before the bedroom area… (right above the fireplace I BELIEVE).
 Do a lot of ppl know about these extra details/ Easter eggs, or am I just overly thorough?? 
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2021.10.26 14:14 kimme Valgt ut tomter til omsorgsboliger

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2021.10.26 14:14 circlingsky What happened to Tea 18 Sushi near Bloor/Spadina?

This place was known for really good deals and quality, but they seem to have rebranded and no longer sell sushi, just bubble tea
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